Diamond 💎




All the best 🤍

May you focus on what lifts you.

May you Focus on your health, your dreams, your goals, your relationship with self.

May you grow in strength and wisdom Infinitely.

May you recognize your triggers, and grow confident in the boundaries you set.

May you understand your intuition and May you hear it, clearly.

I wish you every ability to communicate your
wants and needs and I wish you the clarity to see, and know that you’re worthy of them all.

May you learn to trust when it is safe to

May you allow yourself to love and to be
loved when it is safe to love and be loved.

— Amanda Silvera

Start over

Emotional energy

You got this

You’ve been tested before and you’ll be tested again. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself of a time where you had no clue what to do, but still figured it out. You’re programmed to feel powerless but built to figure it out. You got this. You always have. Keep going.

—Jeff Moore


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