Everything you do is triggered by an emotion of either desire or fear.

– Brian Tracy

Author: W A E L

Hi! My Name is Wael. I love reading and sharing positive stuff wherever I am 🌟

7 thoughts on “Everything”

    1. We can be motivated by desire which comes from love or like, when we think of all the benefits that will come when we take action and achieve our goals. Or sometimes we can use fear as a motivational force if we think about the undesirable things that will come if we don’t take action.


  1. True…I used to believe that desire was bad, but now I understand that desire means “love.” What we love, we desire…fear comes from “needing” something, and when you function from a place of need, you are essentially putting the message out into the universe that where you are is not enough. And if that’s what you believe, you will continue to receive “not enough.”

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